Weekly commodity price report #wcpr

  • Detailed Central-European polyolefin, polystyrene and ABS information
  • Market trends, supply-demand facts
  • Analysis & outlooks
  • Historical & up-to-date prices
  • Interactive graphs
  • A help for your company market presentations

The Weekly Comodity Price Report is available via e-mail and application in 3 languages: ENG, HUN, PL.
We publish them every Sunday evening so it can boost your thinking on a fresh week.

We believe in the hungarian saying: „the proof of the pudding is in the eating” that’s why we are offering a 4-week trial period of the WCPR for free!

Detailed description

The weekly Polymer Price Report is a report evalating CEE polymer resin prices and trends, published every monday. The report evaluates the weekly prices on weeks 1-3., and is published as a monthly forecast every 4th week.

Regional and sub-regional price information

Central European (CE) price information is available on the level of country groups, as follows:
North Central Europe (NCE): Baltics States, Poland
Middle of Central Europe (MCE): Czech Republic. Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia
South Central Europe (SCE): Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania
Eastern Central Europe (ECE): Ukraine, Moldova
Central European Average (CE): Weighted average of sub-regional prices (weight: yearly demand)

Data providers and the provided data

Local resin manufacturers: FCA prices
Multinational resin manufacturers: DDU/DDP prices
Traders, distributors: List prices, FCA
Local plastics converters (middle size): Purchasing prices, without discounts

The prices might seem to be mixed in terms of parity, however these all mean a price typical on a certain market, the differences in parities result from the characteristics of the player concerned.

The prices always refer to a full truck load (20-22.5 tons).

The products examined

We collect and analyze the prices of the following product groups

  • HDPE Film
  • HDPE Pipe (100)
  • LDPE Film
  • LDPE General Purpose
  • LLDPE C4
  • PPC
  • PPR
  • PPH IM
  • PPH Raffia
  • EPS
  • GPPS
  • HIPS

The meaning of the individual price information

There are 3 types of price information in our publications

Low prices (€): the lowest price found in the segment concerned during that week
Average prices (€): average of the prices found in the segment
High prices (€): the highest price in the segment

Information is collected partially in local currencies, partially in Euro, however prices are published in EUR in every case. During the conversion we use the conversion tool of OANDA website

Weekly information collection period

We collect information from Monday to Friday every week, these information is published next Monday until 10:00.

Once a month the table is complemented with numeric forecast as well.

Publication form

The information is published weekly, by sending in e-mail, which conatins Excel sheet and a short written evaluation, during every publication week, until 10:00 on Monday. Weeks are numbered according to their calendar number. Thus the information collected during week 10 are published during week 11, on Monday. The reports are available via mobile application – by searching for the keyword "myceppi", to download from the Play Store or the iOS Appstore.