ChemIT plastics industry database

The DEMO version contains 30 companies from the Poland area and allows you to try out the database and its basic user methods. We provide 3 types of data: Company information, contact information and resin information, which can be seen on company data sheets.

The DEMO version is upgradable to grant access to the entire database, or certain countries in Europe. (We have more than 16,000 companies total.) We grant you access for every new data we collect for your package for free – as long as your subscription lasts.

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ChemIT is a continuously updated and expanded plastics converter company database with detailed information on some 15,000 Western and Eastern European companies, which account for approximately 85% of total resin demand

In addition to general company data, ChemIT contains information on individual companies' end products, the type and volume of resins they use, the processing methods they employ, the average age of their processing equipment, and their business outlook. The database is searchable based on these and many other parameters.

Our experts collect data via telephone interviews. We respect confidential business data and support fair market competition; therefore the database is only accessible to market players other than plastics converters.

ChemIT may be purchased in full or in parts – e.g. by country, by industries served, by the type or volume of resins used, or by processing technology.